Who are we?

We are a charity committed to educating young people and their support networks on depression, anxiety, gender / sexual identification and suicide awareness.

We aim to provide education, construct resilience and create a healthy / balanced mind. We also promote diversity and acceptance through the celebration of a person's individuality. 

We believe that by providing avenues for young people to speak about our target issues, we in turn encourage a peer support network that gives each member a platform to freely express themselves without fear of judgement.


our programs

We believe that by implementing three focus areas to our foundation we will achieve the best possible outcomes. Using a holistic approach to education and intervention will ensure our young people are provided with several avenues to maximise their potential within our programs.

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Baylin's Story

Baylin was born the eldest of twin boys on 31st May 1997. He was always the easy child, the one that just fit in with life. In fact through his whole life until he was 15, I would tell everyone "Oh I don't have to worry about Ba." There was never any drama. How wrong I was.

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