It wasn't until July, 3 months after Baylin leaving, when Gerald went back down to Newcastle to retrieve Baylin's laptop and phone from the police that we were made aware that he carried with him a backpack. He had packed all of his things up at his residence in boxes ready to be picked up by Gerald when we received the news.
So the few things he carried with him were of great importance to him. I wonder if he looked at them in the time preceeding his goodbye? He carried his HSC Certificate, a photo of his graduating class of 2015, his old wallet, a painting he had done of a garbage truck when he was in preschool, his passport, a few photos of our old dogs who had long ago passed away, and a book. The book had been awarded to him for Academic Achievement when he was 7 years old. It was called The Most Colourful Frog in the World by Julie D Morris.

This is a story about a plain brown frog who wanted the other frogs to notice him. He tried everything. From draping himself over colourful flowers to jumping from great heights. Nothing worked. No one paid him any attention, looked at him or talked to him. This made him very sad and he left. 
He came upon a house and hopped in the window to land on some paint. He slid and became covered all over in bright beautiful colours. He thought the other frogs would have to notice him now. So he went back. And notice him they did. He got lots of attention and felt truly a part of the group. Finally. 

Along came a cat. Most of the frogs got away, but one became trapped under some leaves and the cat approached. The Colourful Frog jumped in front of the cat and saved the trapped frog and led the cat away. To escape the cat himself, the colourful frog had to jump into the river. Of course all his colour came off. He was very sad. He thought that meant the other frogs would no longer see him again.
As he hopped out all the other frogs rushed over to congratulate him. Telling him how brave he was and showing him a lot of attention. He was amazed! How could they see him he wondered? He asked them and they said he still had a little bit of colour between his legs that didn't come off.
So now he knew he would always be noticed.

So......the moral of this story is very simple and one that our whole foundation is based upon. 
You are amazing just as you are.
You are important just as yourself.
You do not need to pretend to be someone you are not. The right people will always see your true worth.
Everyone is unique and special as themselves.
All of these things are so so important for our youth to believe about themselves.

So Baylin has given us our logo. We have been truly blessed to have been given the rights to the frog to use for our Foundation. A massive massive thank you must go to Gary Whitby, husband of Julie Morris, for signing that over to us. This means so much to me personally. We would really like to get this book back in reprint. The story is very important, especially now with so many youth struggling with who they are and that need to fit in. 


This is Baylin's story. He wanted so badly to belong and fit in while he struggled with both his sexuality and his depression. All he wanted was to feel accepted as he was. That's what he craved.

Simple acceptance.

Schools need this book. 

My story telling is very poor so if you can get your hands on a copy please do and read it.