School Programs

This year we have been working to bring batyr@school programs into our local high schools. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of dates Batyr has available this year, we have only been able to secure programs for two local schools. We will continue to work to secure more programs next year, to include more of our local youth in these programs.


batyr@school programs aim to remove the stigma around mental health and engage, educate and empower young people to reach out for help when they need it.

The carefully researched programs are unique in that trained young speakers share their lived experiences with mental ill health, alongside trained facilitators who deliver vital educational information in a fun, safe and engaging way.

Research shows that the best approach to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health is through direct contact with peers who have experienced similar struggles. The batyr@school programs play an important role in breaking down this stigma and bridging the gap between young people and the wide array of services available to them.


Support Groups - Gender/sexuality and depression/anxiety


Buddy / Mentor System

We aim to provide a buddy / mentor system to all young people that enter our programs. These people will be over 18, will have their WWCC and will have undertaken a short course to provide them with some experience in dealing with young people. They are not counsellors, but friends, to provide support and company in a constant capacity. They stay with their child for the duration of their stay in the program. A single constant support, to call up or hang out with or have their support at doctor appointments etc. A young person and their buddy will be matched with personality and social interest taken into account. It was our experience that kids quite often find it difficult to open up at all and when you factor in doctors leaving they have to go through it all again with the next one. Buddies must also consider whether they are able to make the commitment of maybe 5 or more years to their child. This is so important as we don't want the kids to have to change buddies. It defeats the purpose of providing the constant presence in their lives. But having said that we understand that ultimately no one knows where they'll be in a few years time.  Being a buddy is something you must really want to be. As such we won't be asking people if they'll do this. You must contact us and express your interest. It's a big decision. And I do not want there to be any pressure to be one. It must come from you.