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83025 wants weekend fun wm

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Just a quick note. We now have the Weekend passes on sale Here. I'll be posting a full event list real soon, along with how you can purchase individual event tickets if you can't attend the whole weekend.

83025 wants weekend fun wm

Posted by Carl Morgan at 2: I have 83025 wants weekend fun wm lot of Lookin for a friend s about how to get to Springfield for the Weekend a few that are like "where the hell is Springfield? This should cover where to go, how to get there, and where to stay. There are a few advantages to this, most notably To be completely honest, the more people that stay in the hotel, the cheaper the ballroom is There also is the fact that you will not have to drive many places if you stay there, but hey So here is a truncated 83025 wants weekend fun wm on how to get here.

If you have any other questions, shoot me an e-mail at wmweekend gmail.

The hotel is right at I and the Glenstone funn. Go Go Google Maps! Posted by Carl Morgan at 8: Tuesday, March 23, Event Preview 1. This year we will have more events than ever before. This means that there will be more prizes, more competition 83025 wants weekend fun wm more fun.

Fu year the weekend will be held at hotel in Springfield and that will give us the opportunity to have gaming run from the time we open on Friday morning until the time we close on Sunday afternoon. This will also 83025 wants weekend fun wm that we will have some fun late night events that challenge the players to not only stay awake, but also to stay alert.

One of the late night events, "Casterjackapalooza" as coined by Kris Johnson, will be the pinnacle of crazy combos. The event will consist of one army list that contains 3 Warcasters sorry Hordes, maybe next year 83025 wants weekend fun wm 3 Warjacks.

Play continues until one side had Fucking dating sites in Lakewood all 3 casters. The twist to this event and where the brain cramps start is that all 3 casters and the jacks are part of ONE battlegroup. I know, I know Late night, slaphappy, oneupsmanship.

Show us what you can come up with and WOW us with the ultimate combo. Now the exact rules for this event are still being tweaked, but we will have them posted soon enough. OK, 83025 wants weekend fun wm should get the creative juices flowing for now. I'll be posting more previews here as the year pulls us increasingly toward the "Weekend". If you have any questions please send them to me at wmweekend gmail.

Well here we are again. Before I get started I want to give a thanks to the following people: I have had a weekdnd of a rough patch with real life and these guys have help me keep some focus and work through 83025 wants weekend fun wm. They are awesome and I just wanted everyone else to know!

On with the show! Wednesday, November 4, Winner List! Just thought I would put this out into the interwebs The list of winners for Warmachine Weekend I just wanted to thank the players again.

Horny Locals Whittier

This year we had no problems whatsoever. I don't know if I have ever seen a group this large get along so well, and I really appreciate it.

I know we gave out an award for best sportsman, but I also wanted to acknowledge some other the players that made that decision very hard: He was in the running for the Explosivo! He was not only an awesome player winning a couple of eventsbut he was truly an awesome person to 83025 wants weekend fun wm as well.

I had a number of reports on how much fun and laid back he was.

Hopefully we will see him next year, he brought a lot of great things to the table. Stu is just Stu. He is the life of the party and a blast to be around.

83025 wants weekend fun wm

Weeoend would be remiss if I didn't send a thanks out to him for always making the weekend a little more fun. Flanzer is a guy full of energy, ideas, he is always upbeat.

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There are a few people I would throw into an "Ambassador" role for the game, but he would be one of them. And he is a good sport as well I was shocked these guys didn't drive down in a black van, because they are the A-Team of the Iron Kingdoms.

Josh, Dave, Tim, and Flanzer should be commended By far the best all around PP centric podcast out there. There were quite a few newer players I saw grinding it out playing and having fun.

Sometimes getting thrown into a match with veterans can be daunting, but they stuck it out and were good to go. Hopefully ewekend will see them all next year dominating the scene. Saturday, October 24, Winners!!!

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Here 83025 wants weekend fun wm the lucky winners from this years event. I'll be posting a full list of winners for each event and some info on next years Weekend real soon, so keep an eye out. Posted by Carl Morgan at Monday, September 21, Weekend Championship System.

Here is the system we will be using to determine the weekend champion. The system is pretty much unchanged except for a few minor points.

Total Tournament Points 2.

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Total Victory Points 4. 83025 wants weekend fun wm means ewekend Tournament Points for a win, 3 for a tie and 1 for a loss. This will make it easier to determine the final standings for the Weekend Champion. These points will be used to work out weekend champ only. The normal tournament point system will be used during the games 1 point for a win, 0 for a loss Horny daytime women tie.

The first tiebreaker will be the number of dropped events the player has.

WM looking for fun times this weekend - missed connections

If a player has dropped from a number wdekend events to maximize Tournament Points, then Horny women leamington spa will be penalized if tied with another player in total tournament points.

More on this below Weekennd Points will be tracked in all games for various things; they will be used as the next tiebreaker for the Champion award.

The next tiebreaker will be the actual Events won 83025 wants weekend fun wm the players. If someone has won 2 events they would rank higher than someone that only won one event. The final tiebreaker will be actual head to head records between the players that are tied. We will track 83025 wants weekend fun wm for the events and people are encouraged to play in as many events as possible. This being said, if people drop from an event that is unfinished to hop in another event to maximize champion weeknd they will be penalized in two ways.

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One, someone who drops from an event will not be eligible for the 83025 wants weekend fun wm army drawing at the end of the round. Two, those players that drop will be penalized during the second tiebreaker for the championship points. Player A accumulates Tournament points and plays in 6 events, but dropped early from one event to help get more points.

83025 wants weekend fun wm

Player B also has points and played in 6 events, but did not drop from any. Player B would get the advantage and win the Championship.

I put a lot of thought in how to police the rounds and events to keep the points straight, but I went with 833025 system. Yes if someone wants to try a run for 83025 wants weekend fun wm champ trophy, they can do it, but I wanted a way to penalize them for trying to break the system. 83025 wants weekend fun wm have no evidence anyone will try this or has tried it in the past, but I just wanted to nip it in Women seeking real sex Dufur Oregon bud before we started.

Posted by Carl Morgan at 9: