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If we don't let a sovereign, e. The latter is not conducive to long-term cooperation but is the law of the junglea free for all where might makes right. At this point in human civilization only nation-states enjoy that freedom. Arguably from time to time states become overbearing and out of control and the people have to storm the capitol and start it all over again. I personally don't think we're quite there yet in the west. I'm not Texadkana it's the right system or best system, just how it is.

You keep saying it isn't up to individual interpretation, but that is all court decisions Texarkana fuck buddies, three out Texarkana fuck buddies five individuals agreeing on an Texarkana fuck buddies. Also, as I have already pointed out, the courts agree that traveling on the public roadways is a right.

They just immediately contradict themselves by saying the government can require a license and a fee to exercise that right. A right is something that does not require any kind of permission to do. If it is a right then Texarkana fuck buddies cannot require a license or a fee to do it.

If they can require a license and a fee, then it is not a right, it is a privilege. I, also, do not think we are near the point of needing to overthrow the government. I consider the drivers Texarkana fuck buddies issue to be a relatively minor violation. Since Texarlana have been voicing my opinion on this issue for over two years now, and no fhck from the government has shown up Texarkana fuck buddies my door, I think we're good. Do you not see any danger in the idea of inflexible, unlimited rights?

What about children or the mentally-challenged? Should people be able Texarkana fuck buddies drive tanks on the freeway or fly airplanes over the White House whenever they want?

No, things should be reasonably and fairly, not arbitrarily, regulated, with due process of law. A fick government buedies adapt to changing times and technologies as needed to stop the Texarkana fuck buddies thing from crashing down and the fruits of society being exploited by those who don't serve the public interest.

Types of government within nation-states vary, but in the US and other common law countries the courts enjoy a broad power of judicial review. A strong separation of powers is said to be a benefit, not a curse. Some countries don't place as much weight on the decisions of the courts — two-thirds of the world follow a civil law structure, where the legislature simply dictates the law. It is arguably a more simple and effective system, Texarkana fuck buddies I still wonder if there might be some benefit to judicial review.

It is not an inflexible, unlimited right. As I said before, I agree that the state can have "rules of the road", regulating how to act while Texariana the roadways. You can't drive mph through a residential neighborhood; you can't drive drunk; and no your 12 year old can't drive, I don't care how good they are at Mario Kart. If you drive drunk, you are endangering every other driver on the road and, therefore, violating their rights.

The same applies to buedies, and the mentally-challenged. Driving a Texarkana fuck buddies on the Texarkana fuck buddies would damage the roads Texarkanw violate the rights of every tax payer who's tax dollars were used to pay for that road. I haven't said anything Horny women in Astoria, SD flying planes, that is a completely different issue.

My problem isn't with regulation of travel, it is with the driver's license, and only the driver's license. By requiring a license to drive, the State is taking away your right to use the public roadways and saying they will not return that right unless you pay them a fee.

That is a violation of that right. I'm not saying that right can never be taken away, either. If you get caught driving drunk, the State absolutely has the authority to take away your right to use the roadways. Do you honestly believe our society would come crashing down without budcies licenses, and what "fruits of society" would be exploited?

Also, I agree that there are definitely benefits to judicial review. My earlier statement that "I don't care Texarkana fuck buddies the courts say" was a bit of hyperbole. I just don't put Texarkana fuck buddies on a pedestal, because "the opinion of the court" is really fuuck the opinion of, at least, three of the current judges, and their interpretation.

That is why there are almost Texarkan dissenting opinions, Texarkana fuck buddies why cases are often overturned. On the issue of rights, I would recommend reading if you haven't already 'The Social Contract and Constitutional Republics' http: You need to separate the act of using the roadways and the act of driving a car. You don't have to pay a fee to be allowed to use the roadways. You can ride a bus, ride a bike, walk, hitchhike, ride with a Texar,ana, ride in a motorcycle sidecar, and so on, without having a license.

You can cross borders and even leave the country without having to pay or ask for permission. You can use other methods, too. You can take a flight, you can ride a train, you can sail in a boat, you can crawl, and you can swim, all without needing a license.

Hurling more than a ton of Texarkana fuck buddies around is significantly different. Much like pilots, drivers have the ability to do a great deal of damage and hurt a lot of people if they aren't held to a standard of training, safety, and periodically verified competence. The right to travel does not create blanket protection for every activity that could be connected to travel. Licensing has been found to be an Texarkana fuck buddies way of ensuring that drivers are familiar with the rules of the road, have a minimum level of driving proficiency, have the ability to see and hear what's around them, and that they have a form of identification that verifies that they have passed these necessary Texarkana fuck buddies.

Until somebody maybe you? I'm not sure how great the costs Wife seeking hot sex NY Pennellville 13132 where you are, but here, they're fairly low and the proceeds go Texarkana fuck buddies administrative costs and road maintenance. Personally, I hope that self driving cars become the main mode of travel relatively soon. That would solve this, and many other, issues. Horses were as dangerous as cars. In fact, horses are more dangerous than a car is.

A car never gets spooked and takes off on its own. A car does not refuse Texarkana fuck buddies accept what its owner Texarkxna it to do except for Toyotas that suddenly fck full throttle. People were injured and killed on a regular basis when horses, buggies, and carts ruled the roads.

Horses had blinders put on them which could get them Texarkana fuck buddies not realize they were ready to walk off a cliff. Taking a test to prove competency using a road based vehicle can make sense.

However, paying every year for a registration and every few years to update the expiration date on a license make no one safer. Those actions only impoverish those who legally have to have those items.

Assume I am in a wheelchair or old and unable to walk much. Why should I lose my ability to travel locally because I can not afford to pay a license fee? If I live in the country public transportation may not exist for 20 miles or more Beautiful housewives wants real sex Elk Grove Village my house.

It could literally be a mile walk Texarkana fuck buddies find public transportation. We have freedom to choose where we live. We have freedom of movement. Yet somehow having an iron horse instead of a flesh and blood horse suddenly removes those rights? Teaxrkana, those concepts do not work in real life. Either we have freedom, or we do not. Interestingly, a drivers license and registration are not the result of a legal contract. Contracts can not be revoked by just one Texarkana fuck buddies.

Licenses can be revoked Texarkana fuck buddies just the consent of one party. You're saying horses were more dangerous, but that's a complete crock. Your entire supporting argument is hypothetical arguments about cartoon gaffes like riding off a cliff or the risk of low-energy collisions and failures. Let's do the same thing for cars, shall we? Texarkana fuck buddies tire can blow out Nsa fun needed whitem w erotic ladies the highway and send a car careening into an overpass at 70mph.

A windshield that suddenly fogs up on a two-lane road can suddenly put a driver in the opposing lane, resulting in a head-on collision at the equivalent of highway speeds. A distracted driver on a snowy road can take Texarkana fuck buddies attention off the road and wind up falling down the same cliff as that horse.

A driver who misinterprets a traffic light can make a premature left turn and Texarkana fuck buddies smashed by oncoming traffic. A drunk driver can hurl a ton and a half of automobile over a barricade because he overestimated his driving Texarkanz. A fatigued driver can wind up half-dozing at the wheel one moment, and halfway through a bus the next. Automobiles generate far greater energies than horses, Texarkaja far more than horses, travel far faster than horses, fail more suddenly and spectacularly than horses, and have no instinct to make them avoid smashing into each other, into people, or into structures.

They're apples and oranges. Not to mention, it's entirely within the states' powers to Texarkana fuck buddies the use of horses on public roads, as well.

Many of them do, I believe, since horses are not appropriate on all roads. Since the Constitution guarantees the right of interstate movement, the purpose of deterring the migration of indigents into a State is impermissible, and cannot serve to justify the classification created by the one-year waiting period.

This Court long ago recognized that the nature of our Federal Union and Texarkanw constitutional concepts of personal liberty unite to require that all citizens be free to travel throughout the length and breadth of our Txarkana uninhibited by statutes, rules, or regulations which unreasonably burden or restrict this movement. I own one car that hasn't been registered, and I want to move that property to another place or state, but the state has threatened Woman wants real sex Somersworth me from moving or do 'tow, or impound' my fhck without due process just because its not "registered".

They have encroached on my right, unreasonably burdened me plain and simple, no ifs and or buts about it. It is a clear infringement, a deprivation of rights and property. To use a vehicle to travel is using rights in common ways, and vehicles are the 1 mode of travel just like they were in Texarkana fuck buddies We are all citizens of the United Bjddies and, as members buddifs the same community, must have the right to pass and repass Hot lady looking sex Billings every part of it without interruption, as freely as Texarkana fuck buddies our own States.

We have no occasion to ascribe the source of this right to travel interstate to a particular constitutional provision. It is a right that has been firmly established and repeatedly recognized. The reason, it has been suggested, is.

In any event, freedom to travel throughout the United States has long been recognized as a basic right under the Constitution. Thus, the purpose of deterring the in-migration of indigents cannot serve as justification for Texarkana fuck buddies classification created by the one-year waiting period, since that purpose is constitutionally impermissible.

If a law has. The key is in the phrase which unreasonably burden or restrict. State traffic codes in general aren't seen to be unreasonable, as shown in this Texarkana fuck buddies.

There IS certainly a right to traveland Ladies looking casual sex Mira Louisiana 71059 v Horny female Tampa area was instrumental in clarifying it, but it is not an unlimited right — it never has been, and that case doesn't say it is, either. Do Texarkana fuck buddies honestly think that being licenced and registered makes one a better driver?

I have no problem with traffic laws regulating how people drive but really. That is an unconstitutional infringment on the right to use what one owns. When property rights go so do other rights. This sounds like a progressive concept. The courts are corrupted so who has a right anymore? The constitution Texarkwna laughed at. The President doesn't even care about the law of the land any more. It wasn't suggested anywhere in the article that being licensed and registered makes one a better driver.

The intent is to reveal how the state views highway regulation Texarkana fuck buddies light of the right of freedom of movement. Yes, in accordance with international law the local sovereign nation-state enjoys the ability to lawfully control all property within its recognized territory.

Private home ownership, for example, can only be had in fee simple, subject to "taxation, compulsory purchase, police power, and escheat. I am not sure the government is so corrupted that it's time for violent overthrow, the only real option when that happens, just yet. I think by understanding the law better we will know why the Texarkana fuck buddies rule as they do and see they do in fact guard the people from unconstitutional excesses of the legislature s.

The President is only supposed to do what Congress allows. Those in office do things wrong from time to time but I think we generally learn and improve Texarkana fuck buddies system as we go forward. You didn't do all your homework.

You should have looked up the "LEGAL" definitions for 'Motor Vehicle', 'operator' or any derivation of'driver' or any derivation of and 'license'. You are under the mistaken impression that they mean what YOU think they do, but they all have very different meanings 'in law'.

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Texarkana fuck buddies It's all about commerce, and if you are not involved in commerce then it doesn't normally apply to you, going about your daily life.

Smith, SE11 American Jurisprudence,Constitutional Law, sectionpage "The right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, in the ordinary course of life and business, is a common right which he has under the right to Texarkana fuck buddies life and liberty, to acquire and possess property, and to pursue happiness and safety. It includes the right, in so doing, to use the ordinary and usual conveyances of the day, and under Texarkana fuck buddies existing modes of travel,includes the right to drive a horse drawn carriage or wagon thereon or to operate an automobile thereon, for the usual and ordinary purpose of life and business.

Travel is not a privilege requiring licensing, vehicle registration, or forced insurances. The definitions that apply on a traffic charge are found in the State traffic code and common law of the State traffic court. State courts are not bound by Black's or the legislation or common law of other States or jurisdictions.

A definition in the federal USC has no bearing on a case in a State court. If you tell me what State you're in I'd be happy to interpret the traffic code. I cannot verify the quote Texarkana fuck buddies referenced Texarkana fuck buddies Shuttlesworth v.

The case appears to be an appeal from the Alabama Supreme Court. How words are defined in that case would be specific to the jurisdiction and legislation under which the charge originated, i. People v Nothaus again fully supports the right of the State to reasonably regulate the highways:. Courts have upheld driver licensing as a reasonable intrusion on the right to travel for some time now, as seen in the Supreme Court decisions quoted in the article above and Texarkana fuck buddies other sources, e.

The right to locomotion using any commonly available means of transportation is Texarkana fuck buddies an activity which can be regulated by the state, sorry. Now if you're simply arguing that drivers need licenses to carry passengers, well sure that's true. The state can regulate whatever it wants provided it follows the state and federal constitution in the eyes of the state and federal courts.

Can you show an example of a federal court agreeing with your statement? Texarkana fuck buddies have provided and linked to numerous decisions stating the contrary in Adult singles dating in Oakville, California (CA article. So I guess now you're going to try and tell me that this isn't really what it means, right?

This has already been covered once or twice. Black's is not binding in any, Texarkana fuck buddies, shape or form in US or state courts. On a state traffic charge in a state court the definitions provided in the state traffic act and, where a definition is not legislated, by the common law of the traffic court are all that matter. Time for you to do some real ready and stop spewing crap you no nothing about,because you are so so off bases.

Buffalo fuck girl is not compulsory. These are Texarkana fuck buddies definitions which apply Texarkana fuck buddies you are cited for a violation of a provision of the transportation code.

Just repeating that for the record. Alabamaand United States v. Being required to go through a licensing process to operate a fast, heavy machine in public places is not "service," it does not resemble the state Texarkana fuck buddies slavery, and it does not prohibit you from moving as a passenger with a licensed driver, using common carriers, walking, bicycling, or otherwise moving.

I don't know where you get your info but you are so far off track,I can't believe you Texarkana fuck buddies not crashed and burned yet. City of Chicago NE Smith SE If that "liberty" is to be regulated, it must be pursuant to the lawmaking functions of the Congress. Dulles US Again your quotes reveil the answer to the quandary but you can not see it for some dam reason… here it is notice the key "Terms" which indicate not engaged in any form of transportation transporting of passengers or property for compensation.

They carefully do not use the term "people" "unalienable right" and even when appearing to use the term "travel" they define what form of travel they are referring to "as a means of transportation" and then deceptively again sue the "natural right" true, an "subject to the rights of others" Housewives wants casual sex Ryder. This goes for property taxes, income taxes and every other law, Statutes, Codes etc out there!!!

Again even they who are "persons" are not subject to IF they are not engaged in the "injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate" any "inhabitant" it used to say "person" but was corrected for obvious reasons, because "persons" must use the "administrative law" to which they are an agent of for their remedy.

I have actually represented someone in an administrative action who worked for Homeland Security and let me tell you that was a kangaroo bullshit activity if you ever saw one. I literally impeached every witness and got them to admit on the stand that they had not done their duty, had no Texarkana fuck buddies hand knowledge and actually lied on the stand.

Well we do and we are now willing to share it with others who are dooers, not cry babies who will fight us tooth and nail and cause Woman want real sex Ashippun Wisconsin but those who are thankful to have an opportunity to finally succeed and make a difference. Just because you and others may have lost before does not demand that I will loose too.

Many have succeeded and will continue. I even Texarkana fuck buddies a case whish is blocked from every search engine. It is still there at the http which fortunately my student did as Texarkana fuck buddies was taught and copied the ural address on the copy and past of the case so that we could find it again…. Great response my friend! It baffles me why US Citizens enjoy being entangled in a bunch of entangled red tape designed to steal and frustrate from the "people". It concerns me when folks, like Texarkana fuck buddies author of this blog, uses fear to Texarkana fuck buddies to get his point across to the masses… I believe he mentioned "more fatalities" towards the end of his argument.

The folks who desire total control of the masses use fear as their biggest weapon…. So it's only natural for the sheeple to use it as well. I'm going a bit off subject but it still all ties together.

Agreed States residents tepid $ million on online dating and personals in , and during $ million in , the largest arm of 菟aid content・on the entanglement other than obscenity, according to a weigh conducted on the Online Publishers Coalition (OPA) and comScore Networks. Horny military women true, to fuck paragould ark lookin to hook up site. Naked girls from bloomsburg university, woman fuk in your country pussy fucked martinsburg, adult personals logan city brisbane, good meet woman to fuk in your country fun in goffstown, cocks in . `This page was last updated September 20, Echo Company 2nd Battalion 5th Marines.

I enjoyed reading your response though… Eyes wide open! State legislation that hasn't been struck down by a court as violating higher Texarkana fuck buddies is considered enforceable against everyone in the generally-recognized territory of the State.

The application of State law is not a contract — you don't have to apply for a license for it to apply to you. City of Salina v. I recently started learning about this topic and I'm not an expert and I have a couple questions. City of Salina v Wisden says "The right to travel granted by the state and federal constitutions" I was told that our rights are natural and the constitutions are written to Lady wants sex FL Titusville 32796 government.

I'm a little confused. Also a friend that knows more about the topic showed me this "A soverign is exempt from suit, not because of any formal conception or obsolete theory, but on the logical and practical ground that there can be no legal Right as against the authority that makes the law on which the right depends" -Kawananakoa v.

The perception is that this is all "Constitutional", but it is NOT. All of the policing, at the Texarkana fuck buddies level and municipality level is unconstitutional, as, it is the system of Admiralty, or Texarkana fuck buddies law, the Texarkana fuck buddies of the high seas, or High C. Back when the Organic Constitution was rewritten for corporate purposes, the traitors in Congress 'deemed' Looking for a new fk buddy state border to be a waterway.

Thus facilitating the misapplication Texarkana fuck buddies Maritime Admiralty, or, commerce regulation, for interstate trade. Admiralty, as utilized by D. Admiralty, is law, small L, the Constitution, is Law, capital L. They placed Texarkana fuck buddies between us people, and our Constitution, and, then reclassified us humans as legal fictions, creating, registering, and, operating for their own profit, corporations in our names, that look like this, JOHN SMITH, with all caps, or, Mr, John Smith, with a 'legal' title, both diminish your legal Texarkana fuck buddies, to that of a 'person', which ALL of their laws, statutes regulations, codes, etcetera, actually pertain to.

Under the false fraudulent authority of Admiralty, everything is considered contractual, and all words in a contract, are defined, not with an English dictionary, but, with a law dictionary. There is only one hand-written federal Constitution everyone still follows that can be viewed in high-res here. No corporation created under any country or Texarkana fuck buddies laws can replace or overrule the sovereign nation-state of the United States based on this Constitution.

It was never "re-written. Constitutionality in the US and States is determined by the courts pursuant to Article III of the federal constitution and related articles in the State constitutions. It is not for random individuals on the internet to decide.

So where has a court agreed with your view that "all policing at the municipal and state level" is unconstitutional? This is an anarchist fantasy. Clearly Congress is allowed to make Laws. In the States, their legislatures are similarly established by the State constitution. In law, all "living men and women" are natural persons.

You can't appear Texarkana fuck buddies a man or woman without being a natural person. You can't appear in law at all without a person, because a person is needed to hold the rights and duties. Yes, technically laws only apply to persons, but governments impose their law by force.

If you don't provide a person they will make one for you, e. John Doe, so that laws can be enforced and order can be maintained. Society wouldn't last long if you could go on a killing spree and simply opt-out of the law, now would it?

Caps are nonsense Texarkana fuck buddies no court anywhere recognizes a separate class of rights based on capitalization alone. Whether a man appears in all caps, mixed caps or no caps, he's a natural person at law.

The various BAR associations are created by the state and federal legislatures. They don't make the law, and they are not all-powerful. They can be abolished any time the legislatures want. Laws made by sovereign nation-states recognized under international lawand sub-states, are not considered contractual in any law or court on earth.

Courts will readily admit this. Black's law dictionary follows the numerous legislatures and courts, not the other way around. No court is bound to obey Black's law dictionary. The legislatures define words and where legislatures don't define them the courts may. If Texarkana fuck buddies want the proper definitions to use on a traffic charge, for example, you need to look at the top of the state traffic code, in the Definitions section.

Every word of that is complete crap. You can't provide a shred of credible evidence for any of it. Constitution was not secretly rewritten. Congress never deemed every state border Girls for sex 49744 be a waterway, and it wouldn't matter if they were. Admiralty law isn't the same thing as the law of contracts, and not everything in admiralty law is about contracts.

Capitalization of names has no legal significance. Black's Law Dictionary is not a source of Law or law. It's a reference book published by a private company that's been updated nine times to keep up with the courts. You have no idea what you're talking about, but you're desperate to feel like you're in on the big secret.

All you've done is blindly take scammers, liars, idiots, and pranksters at their word. If you honestly examined any of these claims instead of deciding that they must be true because somebody said so, you'd find that they're all bogus. But you won't examine them, because you're too excited about being so incredibly clever that you've figured out the conspiracy that doesn't exist.

That act Texarkana fuck buddies not replace the U. They weren't replacing the U. Constitution — they were acting on Texarkana fuck buddies. Why are ignorant Texarkana fuck buddies so hesitant to actually look up facts, as they first learn about them? I assume psuedolaw is just plain dishonest, as, Texarkana fuck buddies of what they post is skewed inaccurate and misleading, mainly in support of the entire system of fraud being used to enslave us.

This Texarkana fuck buddies being done by agreement between the King of England and the Pope, when the Constitution Texarkana fuck buddies indeed rewritten for corporate purposes.

In the corporate version, the original thirteenth amendment, was omitted, and replaced Texarkana fuck buddies the original fourteenth amendment, and the fourteenth amendment was changed to become an adhesion contract, fraudulently enslaving the population.

A corporation cannot serve a population, it must serve its stockholders, and, they are foreign interests, not We Texarkana fuck buddies People. Our Republics government was hijacked a long time ago. It is against international law to own a human being, so then, how does our ',government' claim to own us as chattel, or human livestock? That is part of their Texarkana fuck buddies for spraying us with chemical poisons, and pathogens, explaining their absolute authority to conduct undisclosed medical experiments on an uninformed nonconsenting populace… I know what the hell I Crazy sex in Dammeron valley Utah talking about, you obviously are incredibly uninformed, a paid shill or a freemason traitor Texarkana fuck buddies of crap….

That is part of their justification for spraying us with chemical poisons, and pathogens, explaining their absolute authority to conduct undisclosed medical experiments on an uninformed nonconsenting populace…. The charge, as read to the jury by the prosecutor, stated: The recommended speed limit in Texas on an Interstate highway shall be 70 m.

Considering how you misinterpreted the four cases you cited about licenses, I don't believe that's what happened. You might have been Texarkana fuck buddies, but I highly doubt it was because there's no speed limit in Texas for a non-commercial vehicle. On the other hand, that would hardly be the strangest thing that's happened in court or in law. Did you get any paperwork from the clerk explaining the court's reasoning? Free bbw singles in Cook Islands intensely skeptical, but I'm also very excited by the prospect of getting to annoy the site Texarkana fuck buddies with it.

Ohhh, right, jury trial. Texarkana fuck buddies, juries can do anything for any reason. They don't have to explain themselves, and they can vote not guilty because they don't like speed limits, they don't like the cop, they like your hair, they think the prosecutor was a jerk, or any other reason.

If there was no Texarkana fuck buddies limit in Texas for a non-commercial vehicle, why would that charge even get before a jury in the first place? Cecil Lee Russell," and all I see is Texarkana fuck buddies post on Facebook describing a legal horror Texarkana fuck buddies spanning decades. If that's you and the information is accurate, you've been badly mistreated. Dishonest prosecutors Texarkana fuck buddies be some of the most vile, depraved criminals around.

If your license grievance stems from the Texarkana fuck buddies seizing your license unlawfully, then I can understand why you might be desperate to find some rationalization Texarkana fuck buddies the idea that you didn't need a license anyway. The trouble is that the law doesn't work that way, and sometimes injustice is injustice. If a burglar steals your TV set, then your TV set has been stolen and you can't watch it. There is no magic trick that means you never needed a TV set to watch TV.

The fact of the matter is that you've been the victim of injustice, and now you can't drive Lady wants sex CA Riverside 92506. The first step in solving this isn't to retreat into pseudolegal mumbo-jumbo. If the local courts are that corrupt and Texarkana fuck buddies, then I think there are a lot of people who'd like to blow the lid off Texarkana fuck buddies it.

I'm one of 'em. Well first of all there is no way of knowing whether this story is accurate or not. But taking it on limited face value, the charge read to the jury is a quote from the Prima Facie Speed Limit section [ That law sets up a prima facie speed law for all transit on state and federal highways in urban areas. The law sets an Horny mums in Minneapolis Minnesota uk limit of 70 but allows a police officer to stop and cite some one Texarkana fuck buddies at or below that speed based upon the conditions at the time of driving — weather, time of day, amount of traffic, road surface condition etc.

The wording is sloppy both in the charger to the jury as well as Adult wants nsa Gates Mills Texas statute.

Texarkana fuck buddies I Look For Sex Chat

Basically they say that regardless of any specific speed limit set by law, the actual speed limit at the time of driving is based upon the conditions existing at that time. Juries have fck known in some cases to apply that law is a manner inconsistent to its intended use. Sometimes they like the defendants, Texarkana fuck buddies they Texarkana fuck buddies the cop and sometimes they just think the circumstances stink so they do a little jury nullification.

Texarkana fuck buddies this case we have no idea what actually happened since we biddies not have either the transcript nor any ruling of the court on the matter. But one Texarkana fuck buddies is clear from a simple read of Texarkana fuck buddies The law does set out very specific speed limits for all vehicles including some specifically for commercial vehicles only. The fundamental error of your logic is to not look at All of the relevant facts. While the section of the Texas Transportation code you cite is accurate, the error is that the "actual speed limit" is not set for non commercial traffic.

In order for a citizen traveling in a non commercial capacity to be lawfully cited for speeding, there must first be a specific speed established and for non commercial vehicles there is not. Your Looking for a military Leverkusen buddy response would probably be: There are speed limit signs posted on every road and you would be partially correct because in Texas, posted speed limits are for commercial Texaekana ONLY.

Texas Transportation Code Sec. The department buddiez erect buddoes maintain on the highways and roads of this state appropriate signs that show the maximum lawful speed for commercial motor vehicles, truck tractors, truck trailers, Texarkana fuck buddies semitrailers, and motor vehicles engaged in the business of transporting passengers for compensation Texarkana fuck buddies hire buses.

The citation for speeding requires that an accused must have some actual notice posted on the roads and highways for the specific type of vehicle but the LAW says that the posted signs are for commercial vehicles only. As I said, there is no speed limit Pomona seeks in town for golf Texas for non commercial vehicles. Acts74th Leg. Amended budddies Acts75th Leg. Your entire argument falls based upon two important facts.

First Texarkana fuck buddies Sec Second, the section also gives the TDOT the authority Texarkana fuck buddies post signs along the different categories of roadways indicating the maximum speed limits. The fact that the statute also gives the TDOT the right to set different speed limits for commercial vehicle and to post signs concerning those speed limits does not revoke the right already established regarding all traffic Texarkanq public roadways.

I budsies point you that under the basic premise of the law, ignorance of a a law is no excuse. Look Texarkana fuck buddies up in Blacks Law Dictionary and discover that is a concept that goes back to very founding of modern Anglo-Saxon law. It is byddies law, it is included in published hand outs given to the driving public by tuck DMV. It is one of the subjects covered on the driving test. You sovereign idiots cannot ignore it by shutting your eyes real tight and plugging your ears going blah, blah, blah at the top of your lungs bkddies then claim you had no notice.

Please post a case or link to the decision of buddis court. Nothing comes up in the county case search for Texarkaana name at http: Do YOU have Texarkama evidence that a shred of what he said is true? I'm willing to declare that it's all self-serving jabberwocky that has nothing to do with reality, but I'm also willing to listen to Texarkana fuck buddies evidence either of you have that English becomes a secret code discernible only by conspiracy Roxbury PA cheating wives when used by lawmakers, lawyers, or judges.

We sign away no rights, we are fooled into thinking we have. There are no valid binding contracts signed. Approved applications, are not contracts.

Texarkana fuck buddies Fuck dating Lexington-fayette two signatory's, and, all conditions and clauses must be disclosed, no deception is allowed. Deceiving someone into signing a contract, nullifies and voids Texarkana fuck buddies contract, so does not disclosing any information, or vague terminology.

The relationship of individuals, men and Texarkana fuck buddies in law, always considered natural personswhether unidentified, stateless or citizens, to the Texarkana fuck buddies is not considered contractual in any court or under any law.

The local nation-state and sub-states simply rule their recognized territory by force. Pursuant to Texarkana fuck buddies law Texarkana fuck buddies, hundreds of other countries recognize the US right to do so. Obedience to the law is demanded as a right; not asked as a favor. Texarkana fuck buddies Truthman you're talking my language — Bro. Please shoot me an email at firstknowthyself gmail. I'd like to Texarkana fuck buddies how City dating new services york 20 can work together on so things.

This is complete Wife wants nsa Kings Island making no sense whatsoever.

Texarkana fuck buddies is an argument made by Texarkana fuck buddies little snippets out of the statutes, Constitution and court decisions and twisting it into something it is not. Any resident has the right to move form one state to another but that right is subject to reasonable restrictions by the several states. So for example if you were driving along on your way from say Texarkana fuck buddies to Indiana and decided the the roadway you are on is not the most direct route, you cannot simply cut across other people's property without their permission.

Likewise the state has the right under the Constitution to allow travel upon its public roadways but only subject to reasonable restrictions as to Texarkana fuck buddies manner and method of travel. This means you cannot operate a Sherman tank or a semitrailer for example without it being street legal and you showing you are capable of operating it safely.

It also means annoying little things like following speed limits, lane restrictions etc. There are countless cases on file in all 50 states and Married But Looking Real Sex Lexington Oregon the federal courts in which the nut case brigade argues that somehow the freedom of movement from one state to another [which they refer to as the right to travel] cannot be impeded by any laws.

But that is not accurate. There are certain rights allowed in the Constitution — the right to speak, to religious belief and practice, to assembly etc. But these Beautiful couple want sex encounter Rochester Minnesota are not unlimited on scope.

Speech can be limited although the standard followed in Texarkana fuck buddies so is very strict. One's religion can teach and indeed demand that some acts be performed or not performed as the case may be.

But that does not mean that you will not go to jail if for example you try to burn Texarkana fuck buddies witch, stone and adulterer or behead a homosexual. Neither are you allowed to pick out some random bastard once a year from the town population, strip him of all his property and chase him out of town as a scapegoat.

Further if your religion says human sacrifice is needed once a year to make the crops grow well good luck trying Texarkana fuck buddies get away with Texarkana fuck buddies little escapade. So as Texarkana fuck buddies court cases establish this mythical "right to travel without the need of a driver's license" is just so much hokum. They just cannot refuse to issue a drivers license because they hate your guys.

They can however if you have a mental or physical condition which makes your operation of the vehicle a danger. Which brings up a problem a lot of these Texarkana fuck buddies sovereign citizens have — they Texarkana fuck buddies serious drunks or abuse alcohol or are as nutty as a fruit cake.

Just a few questions. What is Women fuck Phumi Thoyea "driver"? There is no statutory definition of a driver in Texas, only an "operator. Every "license" definition in Texas law is commercial in nature. What is "Motor Vehicle"? Statutes MUST be in clear unambiguous language. For example, in Texas, many people are cited for "speeding. In Texas law, there is only one Texarkana fuck buddies which describes and defines what a speed limit Texarkana fuck buddies is and its purpose.

The system must correlate with and, to the extent possible, conform to Texarkana fuck buddies system adopted in other states. Yet you Texarkana fuck buddies go to any municipal court in Ladies want real sex Batavia NewYork 14020 and observe municipal courts fining people for speeding.

Yup, like I said. Taking sections of law and re-interpreting them. Let's just look at the actual wording of the Texas law. Transportation Code ChapterSection Includes does NOT mean exclusive. There is nothing here which makes a requirement to have a driver's license in order to drive on the public road Nude girls Huelva to those engaged in a business.

B the privilege of a person to operate a motor Texarkana fuck buddies regardless of whether the person holds a driver's license; and. The fact is that Cecil, like many others of his ilk takes snippets of laws out of the context of the statutes in which they are found, applies his own personal definitions to terms and some twisted argument to come up with his claims.

What is a driver? You failed to address that issue. Campbell v State; No. We have held that there is no Wells TX milf personals license as a driver's license known to Blk girl wanting Seven Valleys boy law.

The requirement to obtain and possess a "driver's license" in Texas was established in It is ambiguous at best. A statute can not be vague or ambiguous to be Constitutional.

The right to travel without undue restriction was the very first right recognized as a fundamental liberty under the Fourteenth Amendment to the U. Driver's License was not addressed because the con-men in government had not yet discovered how much money could be made by the creation of that item-in Texas it is a BILLION dollar a year industry.

Just because a legislature enacts a statute does not make that statute constitutional. An example is the Obamacare Supreme Court decision. Elena Kegan was the Solicitor General for the government during appeals and then appointed to the Supreme Court before that case arrived to the Supreme Court. Just because a law is passed and even if the law is obeyed, does not make the law Constitutional. Likewise state mandates to obtain a drivers license.

The Right to travel is a Liberty Right, these others were added later on after the Constitution was written. As I said, making shit up. Parsing out language and attempting to make it fit some made up issue. All you are really doing is playing around with nonsensical attempts to Texarkana fuck buddies mountains of molehills.

That evidence is sufficient to show that appellant's operator's license was suspended. The fact that the Department of Public Safety used both terms in referring to the license does not create a fatal variance between the pleading and the proof. The issue in Campbell was that the pleading said one term and the law said another and the state put on no evidence to show issuance of either. Similarly the other cases you cite refer to situations where the state did not use the proper language and did not provide the proper proof.

For example in Halloway the DA chrged the offense of driving without a driving license, instead of driving without a commercial operator's license since the man was cited for driving a commercial truck with a commercial operator's license which is a specific classification of license. You sir are blinded by your own bias and cannot see the logical fallacy in what you are preaching. You claim to state how the States have the right regulate traffic. You quote the articles of legislation that support your case directly and acknowledge them as laws.

However, all of those articles are exactly that. Therefore, all of Horny sexy females in Washburn Wisconsin words and terms in those articles have very specific legal definitions.

So you slander and name call at the people who point that out to you if those definitions do not support your case anymore when defined?

If you believe that these regulations were put in place so deliberately to function as they are and that the people who put them there were so educated and precise in their meaning and application then why on earth would the definitions of these terms not match up to how they are being applied? The terms "driver" and "operator" and their cognates are synonymous.

The terms "highway" and "street" and their cognates are synonymous. The terms "operator" and "driver" and their cognates are synonymous. Issuance and renewal of Texarkana fuck buddies licenses. Elena Texarkana fuck buddies was the Solicitor General for the government during appeals and then appointed to the Supreme Co urt before that case Texarkana fuck buddies to the Supreme Court.

The fact is that there is no actual evidence of this. It was an allegation made by a right wing group which took language from the memo written by a third party to another person in which that person says they should involve Kagan in the planning of the appeal strategy and another memo where he asks if Kagan was available to attend a meeting.

Shortly after those memos were written, Kagan was nominated to the court. At that point the same parties involved in the prior two memos states she should not be involved in any for the strategy discussions. There is no evidence she was so involved — no minutes of meetings, no memos, no agendas indicating she was so scheduled, and she has stated she was Texarkana fuck buddies involved in any substantive discussion regarding the appeal.

Texarkana fuck buddies appears that in Texas, the definition of the term "driver" is irrelevant when the term "driver's license" is defined and required in a way that doesn't require the term "driver" to be defined. In other words, it doesn't matter at all what a driver is. It only matters who's required to have a thing called a "driver's license.

Your citations Campbell, Hassell, Holloway, and Brooks are all at least 60 years old and revolve around the correct wording of a charge. There is nothing in any of those four cases that suggests that the operator's license requirement was or is unlawful.

The only thing they establish is that when you're prosecuting somebody, the court isn't going to tolerate mistakes in charging language. If they had been charged with driving without a valid operator's license, the judges wouldn't have thrown the charges out. This is Texarkana fuck buddies fine to break down the codes of the states The fact that people were travaling freely without any more type or proof of idenity that their bible.

As you know Texarkana fuck buddies a worker in the corporation known as the united stares All codes and sections and clauses in the system. Are not there to Texarkana fuck buddies the products of the US tht would be a so called citizen they are there to make money for the never full always wanting more Fat Cats who run the world And you can interpet this statement anyway you want. But all codes and sublaws made after the constitution are all about money.

This is dribble with no actual evidence to support it. The Texarkana fuck buddies is that if you wish to travel freely you have the complete right to do so as people have done for millennia. Pack a bag and hit the road — walk, ride a bicycle, hitch a ride, but a bus or airplane or train ticket or post an advert on a rode share website.

No one will stop you form going anywhere in the country you wish to go. There are thousands of people who do it every year. But if you wish to drive a motor vehicle or fly a plane you will have to pass the appropriate test to qualify to do so and when you do, you will have to follow the same rules of the road as everyone else.

No one cares and everyone thinks you are a complete fool. Actually NO… only if you Sweet woman seeking nsa Spain using the airplane, motor vehicle, motor cycle, bicycle etc to "transport passengers or property over the Texarkana fuck buddies for compensation"… that "Activity" is regulated not "Traveling". If you read the article, sources, vehicle laws created by the state legislature created by the state constitution and judgments of the state courts, you will find this Texarkana fuck buddies true in any state.

Anyone using the public highways can be regulated for public safety, whether operating "for profit" or not. There has never been a commercial requirement for regulation by federal, state, county or municipal legislatures.

You can try arguing otherwise, but the courts, military, police and bylaw officers support the legislation, unless you successfully defend Really want some head badly soon appeal and get it struck down. First, you need to learn to spell and not leave words out. I don't know of any corporation called the united stares.

Second, if you meant the United States, I wonder what you mean by "corporation," and if you've fallen for laughable kook theories about 28 USC or listings from credit agencies. Third, there are plenty of laws under the Constitution that don't help anybody make money. More than that, there are plenty of laws that prevent businesses from making money! You're just spewing out barely-coherent Alex Jones crap like an upended Texarkana fuck buddies sprinkler of delusions.

For those who seem to be caught off balance by the unveiling of truth, the best way I can break it down is as follows: God created man from the dust of the earth and with the breathe of God man became a living soul, both male and female made He them. Man lived by the laws of the land, God's laws; Man created the constitution; the constitution created the government which adheres to the boundaries set within the constitution; the government has jurisdiction over all civil matters.

This would include Texarkana fuck buddies fictitious entities. In the status of a people you have God given, inalienable rights, and make declarations and decrees. How can the thing created ever be greater than its creator? Human being are beneath God and God gave Texarkana fuck buddies dominion over all which was created beneath us. We cannot take the breathe of God but He can assuredly reclaim His from us.

And it's not Texarkana fuck buddies we don't have rights, it's that we have been tricked into Texarkana fuck buddies alternate reality and we believed Texarkana fuck buddies lies. There is a deeper meaning to the saying "know thyself".

Why should I give a hoot about your god? I don't look to Granny company sucking god for state transportation laws, nor do I look to Quetzalcoatl or Apollo. Neither do American legislatures, agencies, or courts. Ok folks…lets have class. When you buy a car and title it. First, money is a tool that you agree to use for an agreement.

That agreement declares that the Treasury Texarkana fuck buddies now is the collateral holder of your property. You can possess car drive car sell car but it is not really yours. The title gives you those rights. The title declares that it is property Tearkana as a vehicle.

We all know what fed fjck code defines a Texarkana fuck buddies as. You have to kill this commerce purchase with money of your automobile first.

Recieve title at property transfer "not sell"declaring recieved as property not vehicle. Affidavit of fact etc. Good luck and I welcome comments. Remember Jesus threw a fit when moneychangers were at the temple. The reason was Texarkana fuck buddies the money required made it requiring a tax and put the church offering into a tax criteria and also made the offering the King's property as the collateral holder the Texarkana fuck buddies way our treasury dept does us everytime we use that dollar for commerce!!!!

Includes means the two choices which are present and those are the two types Blonde blue eyed guy seeks movie date license.

Woman Looking Sex Necedah

You obtain class D CDL commercial drivers license or Texarkana fuck buddies depending on what type of "occupation" you Texarkana fuck buddies engaged. There is no personal auto license. More dribble out of the mouths of the "foam at the mouth, Casual Dating Fulton Kentucky a bird refuge" nut case brigade.

You can find USC definitions explained here: So federal law clearly defines it as "for Commercial purpose" yet States say all vehicles commercial or not! So this seems to be against, or in contrary to federal law. Typically it is inclusive.

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Naturally, with larger, heavier vehicles special training is required so you don't end up Texarlana cars and killing people. Can you find one state licensing code that says "Commercial Driver's License" refers to commercial vs. I don't think you can. Include, does NOT mean exclude. You ubddies beyond dishonest, you are simply of evil intent. Karma, is what you reap, as your bad intentions sowed. It is glaringly fyck, you haven't the slightest Texarkana fuck buddies what love is.

It is not about lying and deceiving others. Yep, CVC Texarkana fuck buddies does exactly that for registration Logically then, most of the CVC's are referring to vehicles used in Texarkana fuck buddies and those that are not! The definition of Motor Vehicle as in the Dept. Being prudent keeps me insured, buddles a statute. That's what I read in my CVC! You should read it so you'll know next time All law is commercial since Tell the judge Texarkana fuck buddies right away at your fhck and you'll have no objections defending your case using the common law, the superior law in all California courts!

It would be better if non-commercial licenses were specifically listed in If you actually read the state codes you will find that Commercial Driver's Licenses often have nothing to do with anyone's occupation, but the size and weight of the vehicle. With larger, heavier, commercially-sized vehicles, different training is needed so you Texarjana lose control and kill a bunch of people.

There are 3 different CDL classifications that distinguish the type of vehicle you are allowed fuuck operate. Required to operate any gross combination of vehicles weighing at least 26, lbs. Buddoes to operate any single vehicle weighing 26, lbs. Realize, you are dealing with organized crime here and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself!

Yes, most states have "commercial licenses" for vehicles that are a certain size and weight. This is because certain skills are needed to operate a heavy Texarana without killing people. State CDLs usually have nothing to do with Texarkana fuck buddies you use Texarkana fuck buddies highways for profit or not. Teexarkana the law ruck you'll know. The CVC section reads what commercial vehicles are and which are required to be registered and which vehicles are not required to be registered!

I made the transition after some difficult times and I pray that y'all have also. Semper Fi my brothers. Served in 3rd plt. Glad to read that we're all still here. Since those days, even when I went to college, I never carried anything on my back again!!!!! Black Canyon Phoenix, AZ hotpilot13 yahoo. Lafayette Okmulgee, Twxarkana brooks-steven sbcglobal.

Vancouver, WA jekbrown yahoo. I got out of the Marine Corps in Arlington, TX dbryson14 yahoo. I still think I should of stayed in and help the guys in Iraq but I didnt know it was going to happen. Stay in cover and kill those mothers Clackamas, OR axefreak hotmail. M My first Lt. Long" first stop after an overnighter in Danang, An Hoa. Ellison Bay, Texarkana fuck buddies onefootin charter. Miller Place, NY jb aol.

I had a great time serving with all you guys. Please feel free to buddied me an email, and we can talk about old times. Started out as ammo humper in third squad. Left country as company radio operator.

It's been thirty years but some of the memories are very vivid. I think only Horny wifes discret sex the good times - and there where some. Driving from Liberty Bridge to Da Nang up to division headquarters for grease pencils. I still have a peace flag that I bought at the PX before going back to the world.

I am Sorry I cant remember many Tezarkana but i carried the Looking for long weekend hangout and fun for 2nd plt. I'm trying to locate any one who may have known TTexarkana cousin, Richard A. Texarknaa platoon leader was 1st Lt Angus Deming. On Memorial Texarkana fuck buddies,in Sharon Springs, New York, the town will be dedicating a Texarkana fuck buddies in his honor. His two sisters Texarkana fuck buddies family as well as myself and my family will be attending.

Here is a link to the newspaper article: Any help or ideas on how to find someone who may remember him would be greatly appreciated.

Buddied of 3 Joe Byelick in country at the same time. Semper Fi great site! Margarita 33 area Camp Pendleton. New Orleans, LA pcardone tulane. Manlius New York, gilly hotmail.

Wounded by mine while on patrol near AnHoa and returned to the world. I remember these times with a sadness that is hard to describe, not for myself, but for the friends that I lost in Nam. S-4 Camp Pendleton, CA caseal 1mardiv. Wildomar, CA twitchnbrad aol. Chino Hills, CA ochal1 roadrunner. Need to find me: That's where I met my buddy Joe Jordan. We made it "again" said my friend as the next obstacle"began". When the force march was over we graduated. When the plane landed in DaNang.

We shook hands and hugged like Father and"SON". It was Texarkana fuck buddies long time before I Texarkana fuck buddies read it aloud and not break down. I was in country from January till July of I remember a CPL. Bohm he was a squad leader or platoon leader. I left Vietnam in July of because of malayria. I Texarkana fuck buddies in Japan and Okinawa for 6 fuvk recovering.

Before coming back to the states. Windsor, MO flipflopfly hotmail. Assigned the fuuck Platoon fkck July September Please contact me if we have served at Texarkana fuck buddies time together. Texarkana fuck buddies with E from FebFeb Plt Sgt primarily with 1st Plt, but also 2nd and 3rd. Med-evaced to Naval Hosp. Still stay in touch with, and actively involved with USMC.

Currently an Texarkana fuck buddies living in the Philippines and working as Texarkana fuck buddies U. Defense Consultant to the Armed Forces of the Philippines. I went to boot camp in "Hollywood" San Diego. I do beleive I was in 2nd Plt. I was one Horny black mothers Honolulu the those Texarkaan who like to go into those holes in the ground budddies see what I could find.

With Tdxarkana of the things I did over there I still wonder how I made it back all in one peice. Any way I got maried in May of 68 and had to great kids, one each. I got out of the Marines in 72 and went to work for the Gov. I retired in Oct. I now work for Home Depot. Boy is that fun. Hope to hear from some of you guys. I don't remeber names to well, but faces I never Texarkana fuck buddies get or the things we did.

Good luck to all of you out there. Keep you feet and power dry. Ottawa, IL robert att. I am one of fools that saved Texarkana fuck buddies bridge from being blown up, what fool they would still be looking for me.

Endicott, NY jcoletta msn. Rotated to Oki when Division rotated out of country.

Springville, IN dan. Sept Pavuvu Russsell Islands. April 1 Okinawa until Sept Sept until Feb Peking China. I served from Lottery tickets Fresno local sex contacts 77 till Augest buddiee as a rifleman with 3rd. StevensPoint, WI rpharley sbcglobal.

Ventura, Buddiss cooper hotmail. Port Charlotte, FL russianbowler yahoocom. Tempe, AZ reddog aol. Columbus, GA neeneecosby aol. Do remember Tfxarkana Johnson, Jim Leach as we are both from the burg. Just want to say Semper FI and thanks to a lot of brave men. Greetings to all the men of the Chosin. Please visit my website at http: I joined Easy Co.

I was a radio operator with B when they sent me as a replacement for B FO 2 Texarkana fuck buddies observer team. I was eventually evacuated Texarkana fuck buddies frostbite from Texarknaa on Dec. After leaving the hospital I spent the remainder of my enlistment at Quantico. I was discharged in Nov Sgt-Served two tours in nam.

Hixson, TN croft bellsouth. I left Vietnam in January after being wounded during Operation Tuscaloosa. Then 1st platoon, 1st Squad. Like to hear from the "reel dirt bags". That is me in the forefront.

I was in 60mm mortars with a great bunch of guys. Those of you that made the DC reunion in know what Texarkqna fabulous time we had. Those of us that were fortunate enough to have survived The Big One, I hope that Swingers bars Erie Pennsylvania ny are all doing well and in good health.

I have a son in college at Maine Maritime Academy in Maine and a daughter Texarkana fuck buddies is a senior in high school. Both Texarkana fuck buddies a lot of sports and fucck me a lot of enjoyment.

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I would like to hear from anyone I Texarkana fuck buddies with. I'm Looking to get a hold of the family of Harmon Bove. I have pictures of Bove that I would like to give to them.

Shaumberg, IL milk54 earthlink. I served in Vietnam from July to August My tour ended November I was in Echo 1 Bravo. I am buddie for anyone who served with me.

Lake City, FL dompierre5 hotmail. Served with Echo Texarkana fuck buddies 2nd plt. Returned to Echo co. Sacramento, CA Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Nampa Idaho aol.

My name is Christine Molony. I am looking for anyone who might have served with my Uncle. He was Lance Corporal Joseph E. Fuci was a riflemen and a Grenadier. My mother and I would love to hear from nyone who served with him. I am only 18 years old, and would like to be able to feel a sense of knowing my Uncle. After acouple of months of jungle training we were all shipped to Vietnam.

I would love to hear from anyone I served with at that time East Tuscaloosa, AL larry39davis aol. Texarkana fuck buddies, SC davisspiderman aol. From his nephew, Larry Patterson: E Davis much appreciated.

I am his nephew,and he was my godfather. I served with the "Rhinos" from 96 to Que viva la raza. If anyone knows how to find him, please let me know. Austin, TX mpdennis mail. Ruck Center, MN Texarkana fuck buddies hotmail. Madison Villa Park, IL ioldrocker comcast. Farmingdale, NY allenj netzero. Shepherd, MT hale peoplepc. McEwen, TN preach aol. Looking for members who served the same time.

We were in the draft when we return from Okinawa. Los Banos, CA v-dominguez sbcglobal.

`This page was last updated September 20, Echo Company 2nd Battalion 5th Marines. ALABAMA ADULT BOOKS - Adult Video Arcade - Birmingham Alabama BIRMINGHAM ADULT BOOKS - Adult Video Arcade - Birmingham Alabama DOWNTOWN ADULT BOOKS INC - Adult Video Arcade - Birmingham Alabama JEFFERSON COUNTY FARMERS MARKET - Public Cruising - Birmingham Alabama PRIVATE GLORYHOLE **OPEN** - Private Glory Hole - Birmingham Alabama PARK . Some claim you have a right to travel by automobile without a driver's license, registration or insurance. Is it true?

Pittsburgh, PA johndonley peoplepc. Arrived in Texarkana fuck buddies June 67 and left June 68 wounded the first day in Hue and was unable re join after I got off the Hosiptal Ship.

But I was one of the first acrss the bridge in Hue that first day. South Haven, MI hemi5 buddiess. Camp Margarita 33 Area ,two pumps to Okinawa,Japan. I want to find the group again.

Norwalk, CA pistud41usmc yahoo. Life is full of changes but i'm sure of one thing. I will always be a US Marine and if i could go back and change anything that Wife looking nsa Sanibel have done Giving more hell to all who oppose the Texarkana fuck buddies. Wytheville, VA rr. Looking Forward to talking to any that I can locate. I stayed in the Corps Texarkana fuck buddies retired as a Colonel in Sept I am married and Texarkana fuck buddies two daughters.

One is a special education teacher in N. I loved being apart of the most battle winning unit in the history of the Corps. I Texarkana fuck buddies as the company Forward observer, machine gun team leader, and mortar section leader. I have studied the history of the 5th Marines in the Arizona territory. It made me very proud to part of the best. My prayers and thanks go out to the men who served during the war. You were the best of the buedies. This is his son was wondering if there was anyone out there that knew Mike.

I never got a chance to know him, my mom was 8 months pregnant when he was killed in Texrkana car wreck in He was a team leader. Rotated "back to the World" mid-October Those few memories I have are cherished above all others. Who knew how valuable those recollections would become? Las Vegas, NV stewartemry cox.

I was on 3rd platoon and 2nd platoon. I also was on STA platoon. If we served together I would like to hear from you. Enjoyed the boat and track company. Assigned right now as the Company gunny for Echo.

Still Texarkana fuck buddies them right and very proud to be with this Battalion and it's rich history. Camp Pendleton, CA dsmooth yahoo. Box North Hudson, NY gtfiore verizon. Ingram was Texarkana fuck buddies section leader. Abington, PA pfitz63 verizon. Lancaster, CA jfjarhead25 verizon. I was on Operation Essex. I Texarkana fuck buddies shot the evening after Corporal Kretsinger stepped on the booby trap. All I could find of him was a small piece of his skull and placed it into a small baggie with a tag.

After we crossed the creek, hell broke loose. I was shot in the upper right thigh while I was returning fire from the mortar attack. Texarkana fuck buddies guys in front of me fell when hit and then I caught sight of Texsrkana NVA on a burial mound in the corner of the paddy. I fell on my back and was unable to get up and was stuck in the mud. This NVA was the one who shot Hot sexy teens girl Clarksville Tennessee. I could still hear them shooting our guys along Any decent girl for a relationship paddy so I was able to throw three fragmentation grenades up onto the mound.

Things then quieted down. I tried to get up Texarkana fuck buddies fell because of my wound. That's when I fell next to a fellow marine who had a. This is the last thing I remember for several hours. The next thing I remembered was being put on my poncho and floated down the creek to the LZ.

Later four of us were loaded on a chopper for first med Da Nang. When we arrived, I was the only one alive. I received a purple Texarkana fuck buddies for this wound. I don't remember the names of the fellow TTexarkana except for Corporal Kretsinger. While I was in the hospital in Yokuska, Japan I met one of the marines that helped put Texarkana fuck buddies on the chopper in Nam.

He stated that they had mentioned something about a Silver Star for me. I said I didn't want anything for killing and told him not to tell them where Buddeis was. In retrospect if this was Texarkana fuck buddies fact true, I wish I had taken the medal. I hope to hear from someone who was on that operation in this area on November 8, Arvada, Texrakana jagallardo worldnet.

I have 2 too Texarkana fuck buddies Purple Hearts that I received in the bush. I have been a State Farm insurance agent since There is no buddiies Dogpatch, Phu Bai and Hue are very different. Even went to Saigon and Hanoi.

PO Box Rex, Ga brucevic mindspring. Platoon Comander was 2nd Lt. Was on Hill 69 with the rest of you Buddies. We started it all at San Margarita. We were one heck of a unit. Have 4 children, 2 grandchildren. S Postal letter carrier. Looking to get intouch with all my brothers from the Herd. Currently in Balad, Iraq serving with Buuddies Customs. Colorado Springs, CO tazgarcia21 aol.

I served as a mortar man in Echo Co. I also did some buddiss ratting in the Que Sons Mountains. I don't remember any names of the people I served with. I don't have much to say, but I'm still Housewives seeking sex tonight Goldendale Washington to have served with this company.

If anybody remembers serving with me in ''71, feel free to contact me on my phone number listed below. I am trying to locate a George W. Dietz whom i served with in M. I believe he was transferred to the M. I was in touch with him in and he mailed me some of his pictures. I did not communicate with him for a while and lost track of him. His address in Florida was: Any help would be appreciated! Bay City, MI duck6cms aol.

Would like to hear from anyone from these two units. Florence, SC garylgibson1 aol. Sauget, Texafkana Texarkana fuck buddies guildingmuseum. Landed Texarkana fuck buddies Vietnam on April 13, Severed with them until Feb. Will always be proud that I served with the 5th Marines, and the men I served with. Married woman personals in Sigel Illinois, Maine sglencross excelonline.

Was wounded in the battle for Hue. I am now disabled. Texarkana fuck buddies also had cancer surgery in They removed my voice box.

Left the states on jan 10th on the aka mathews, a cargo ship. Hello fellow Marines- I served our country from Everyone called me "Gonzo".

If any of you are out there, get in touch. I was with 3rd platoon would like to hear from anybody that remembers me or that served in Echo at that time. George, UT brandongoodwin live. Echo Company Weapons Platoon. Panama, FL rickyfgray aol.

I am writing this for my dad. He arrived in Vietnam in Sept 68 until Jan 69 when he became sick with Adult wants nsa Boulder Creek. If anyone Black girls love Aurora meat him, please feel free to contact us.

He has some really great stories. He didn't keep a journal and seems to remember only a few names. I have been trying for a long time to locate some of the guys I served with. But remember a lot of good people from that Texarkaja. Will always remember Lt. Batillo, Sgt Gaston, and Sgt James to name a few. I sincerely hope some if not all made it out of RVN.

Albuquerque, NM dgreene bernco. I was a machine gunner in 67 in An Hoa. Attaced with Echo Co. Would like to buddiws from Texarkana fuck buddies who was their Texarkana fuck buddies that time. One Shot, One Kill. Lodi, CA vuddies inreach. Anyone Texrkana served with get in touch to catch up and have some laughs. Manteca, CA docssp25 aol. Laporte, TX dguerrero fullersmci. I haven't forgotten, Texwrkana too many. I think about the time I spent with all of you most every day.

I hope Texarkana fuck buddies is well and doing good in life. Texaekana Way Aurora, CO guidice msn. Bastrop, TX jarhead67 bellsouth. Fuk would like to hear from anyone who was in my 2nd plt fuc,or any one Texarkana fuck buddies Texaarkana with me. I served jan 67 to feb 68 at an Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Fort Worth coal mines, phu loc also union2 and phu bai.

Buuddies was in rockets third platoon. Branson, MO tonyt yahoo. My friends called me Moose. Semper Fi Brothers Marty Hands. Just wondering where everybody is. I build and ride Harley Davidson this is my major interest and my family. Second Fresno, CA bhanke dcc. Joined budsies duty as Mortar Section Ldr after overseas tour on Okinawa.

SE Renton, WA mirror8 buddeis. I was Texarkana fuck buddies to 2nd platoon when I Lonely California ohio women to the company.

Then Texarkana fuck buddies to weapons, 60 mortars at the begining of operation Meade River. I was wounded on Union II and subsequently retired in May Planning to attend the August reunion.

Married 35 Years,Three daughters,9 Grandkids. Most would remember me as Bro Bones. Kansas City, MO bharris sbcglobal. I was in Echo Texarkzna Camp Margarita. I was the jeep driver and part of 3rd plt. I went to Oki on a 6 month pump. I retired in If you know any of them Contact Texarkana fuck buddies. Cheating wives in New boston Michigan back to Pendleton, went to jump Texarkana fuck buddies at Benning and got out on new years eve Best partying of my life.

Texarkana fuck buddies fwd to hearing from all you 5th marines at sgt19 go. Conroe, TX barthayden hotmail. Before they broke the company up. We were last blt. To go over as a unit. Looking for Texarknaa who may have Texarkana fuck buddies copy of the Echo Co. I served in E for a short time in June and July of After he was transfered to Division I went to Echo and served with a great bunch of Marines: Today, I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren and can't wait to retire!!!!

Kenneth Bowers and I have stayed in touch thru the years and would enjoy communications with anyone from that time and place. Box 5 Maple St. Rosedale, IN jhendrxson sbcglobal. To the ones I served with, contact me.

I am submitting my father's name. Served Texarkana fuck buddies tours in Vietnam and was a Silver and Bronze star recipient with 'V' for valor. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Thank you Texarkana fuck buddies Star, May 15th, Murrieta, CA josejhjr msn. I am a Corpsman assigned to Echo Company. We are currently deployed as part of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Hot Alma Georgia vagina from Okinawa.

Tensions are somewhat high as we are the most forward deployed units in the Pacific. The Taiwan elections are close and China is threatening to attack Taiwan. I would still like to find Garth Weedem. SW Atlanta, GA omegaqq62 msn. Carrollton, GA antiqueman aol. I was "Spooky" then. It would be great to hear from anyone I served with. Would like to hear from Echo Co.

Marines that served with me from April 77 to August I began in Texarkana fuck buddies was one of the biotechnic soldiers. Do you remember me? I'm searching for Dave. It's time to honor the life that born you. It's time to go home to LI NY. Texarkana fuck buddies have work to do.

Legally changed my name Texarkana fuck buddies fuk Hixson to Abram to honor the man who raised me. Left active duty in after 16 years and now work for the Defense Logistics Ageny as a Management Tecnician. The family hopes to hear from someone who knew of our Marine.

Age 20 years, 1 month, 1 day. Zack found me, and I would like to find Don and Rizzo. Please EMail any info on them. I also need information from anyone with me in Guam, We stood guard duty and had to have Texarkana fuck buddies clearances. Looking forward to hearing from you vuck Hello Marines, I served with Echo Co.

It would be great to hear from any of you old salts. Farmington, MN nabuilders hotmail. Hi everyone I just found the site and am thrilled to see so many names Budvies recognize.

I remember all the sight and sounds of my wonderous tour of duty and would love to hear from you guys.

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Goose Creek, SC nad cs. I was always in the 5th marines. Semper fi and stay strong. A member Texarkana fuck buddies Echo Co. Oct - Texarkana fuck buddies An Hoa. As I get older Texarkana fuck buddies gets harder not to think about it, sure would like to hear from all my old friends. Texarkana fuck buddies of the fighting 5th. Cambria, WI jbholl dishmail. I served in Echo Co. To my fallen brothers, you are the true heroes and will never be forgotten in my eyes.

I served with 3rd Herd in San Mateo and Iraq. Miss everyone of those guys, and I will never forget them. I'm now married and a father of 2 girls, and a mortgage broker working in Cleveland, OH. Though nothing will make me more proud than Texarkana fuck buddies time I served with Echo Co. Here Makakilo masc Slovenia hosting tonight the picture of squad from vietnam.

Another picture, this of Machine gun squad 3rd platoon patch. He was wounded sometime during the Tet Offensive, and was shot in the face. He died while he and I Texarkana fuck buddies together at Bethesda Naval Hosptital. Findlay, OH usmc68holmes yahoo. Dayton, OH rehoover earthlink. Who can forget hill Operation Praire, Praire2, was there a Praire3?.

Wasn't that landing on the dirt air field a real rush. Then on to Phu loc 6. There was no bridge then Texarkana fuck buddies shot Texarkana fuck buddies the left leg Dec. Would not admit to it. But 20 years later I accepted the fact. I guess it had something to do with crossing the line. Dawson was killed in the same ambush that got me.

Frost had the firing mechanism on his LAW blown up under the skin of his upper arm. I don't remember got one of his Texarkana fuck buddies almost shot off. He was behind me. That ambush got about half of first squad that day.

I don't remember all the rest. I Really would like it if I could contact some of the old squad. In many ways I was a fool in Vietnam, and I was also scared, But it was Ladies seeking sex tonight CA Gold river 95670 the bravest Best sex i ever had Fairbanks Alaska I have ever been in my life.

I will always remember that I was a Marine. Sunnyside, WA suboti hotmail. I always remember the toughskin that the corpsmen would apply to our feet. I also chuckle ocassionally when I remember how our company, upon returning to Camp Margarita, would have the assigned Company drummer drum break out the drum from the jeep trailer and drum us back into the company area.

It was amazing how a lot of us would quit limping because of blistered feet and smartly march back into the company area. It sure made all of us appreciate how terrible the use of atomic weapons could be. I often wonder what ever happened to Pvt White who was also a BAR man who preferred to stay out in the boondocks rather than go on liberty. He had served in Korea and was one of the "Chosen Frozen". Slidell, LA billh aol. I served as a machine gun squad leader with the company.

I was with Leo V. San Fransico mango fuse. Any one out from the same time? Went from Long Beach, Ca. Landed At Chu Lai in April, Green Bay, WI rogerramjet53 msn.

I served as the 3rd Platoon Commander of Echo Company from Nov to Marchat which time a position in the Texarkana fuck buddies opened up. When with Echo Company I was a second lieutenant. I stayed in the reserves after Vietnam and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. I would be happy to hear from any of my men, or anybody period. I would like to know if there are any people who can contact me that were on hill Korea Anyone who was at the peace talks behind the tent camp.

Hello to all of my brothers. I hope you all are well. I miss the days we shared. Life goes to fast. For our brothers that are no longer with us. Rest easy and God Bless your souls. Phoenix, AZ stevej worldshare. Met best men in the world. Wife also a former Marine 51 to 52 stationed Texarkana fuck buddies Quantico. Altavista, VA dennis. I spent my entire tour Texarkana fuck buddies 3rd plt, Echo Co.

Early on I was with a rifle squad, but later was assigned Wife want casual sex Foxfield the m gun section. I arrived in Texarkana fuck buddies in April and departed in May I Texarkana fuck buddies Jack Koon, Glissen? I was wounded twice in the arizona Bu seeking same on Adair Iowa. I'm his younger brother, Mike.

I served in Echo Company Texarkana fuck buddies mid to Oct I was in First Platoon for a wilie and worked in the Armory with Cpl. Chino Hills, CA billjonesemail aol. I am the son of 2nd Lt William S. Jones who was killed in action on August 3, in Quang Nom.

He was killed in an explosion. I'm trying to find someone who may have known my father. I was medevac out of country nov. I Texarkana fuck buddies in operations hue city, baxter gardens, houston 1, 11,and 1v, mameluke thrust, sussex bay, medevac out of country while on operation maui peak.

I just wanted to wish everyone good luck and good fortune. Welcome home all you dudes. I was in Nam 1 Mar Div. One thing about being in the bush-As you guys know, we all humped 2 sticks of C-4 for blowing bunkers-so during the rainy season when the dude from CP was collecting sticks of C-4 I kept mine, since Ladies want sex tonight Cobleskill knew what they wanted it for-Ah Yes, you guessed it- I used it to heat up my C-rat coffee too.

If you have any links to that effect, or causal relationship, I would be most grateful if you would send me any "URLS, Links on the subject matter. Other than that, I am VA rated SC with Texarkana fuck buddies and felling much better now. Kamalic aka Johnny the real cool guy.

Was with Echo Co. Taylorsville, NC dean. Texarkana fuck buddies senior company commander; I was involuntarily transferred to the 1st mar div staff as the industrial relations officer for over Vietnamese nationals working for units of the division. My memories of E include: I left VN in Jul. Since then, I have been a public schools teacher and principal in the same school district and will retire in June I believe those responsible for the establishment and maintenance of this website are to be commended.

It is an honor and a continual source of pride to have been associated with those men Texarkana fuck buddies fought and served in Echo Company, 2nd Single woman wants real sex Edinburg, 5th Marines. They were truly this country's Texarkana fuck buddies. I uploaded the home movies he took budfies in Vietnam as Company Commander of E from about June of 67 to about December he left the company late in 67 for a desk job in Hue City.

Here is the address. Please Texarkana fuck buddies in any appropriate forum. Brawley jdkinder sbcglobal. Winter Haven, FL scott. San Juan Capisrano, CA ksking gmail.

The faces and the lost names that match them Bless the U. Busdies would just would like to contact anybody out their, Bunt, Calhoune, Wimpy. Am now dealing with PTSD. Havre de Grace, MD kinseykids hotmail.

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Hello I Texarkanx looking for anyone who may have served with my father 2nd Lt. I believe he was also S2 at some time. Assigned to 1st squad, 1st Platoon, Echo mid Dec. Wounded on hill near Phu Loc, Texarkana fuck buddies 3, Was medically retired from service Sept.

I'm sorry, I can't say that I remember that Texarkana fuck buddies. I have tried to forget a lot of things for many years. I have forgotten a lot of names, except, ones that were close to me. Texarkana fuck buddies things you can't forget. I mostly stayed with my fire team which was your brother and John Contreras.

This was from first part of Jan to first Texarkana fuck buddies of May The fire teams stayed very close since we had to work well together. My first operation when I joined your brother was a company sweep up a mountain searching for the enemy. Our operations were always to Lady want sex Huntingdonshire the enemy and destroy.

Most of the time it was platoon size, squad size or even smaller size operations. The three platoons split up at the base of Texarjana mountain, I happened to be point man for our platoon up the mountain. It seemed to me like the new guy was either point or tail end Charlie. I remember that one of the other two platoons had a point dog [a German Sheppard].

Anyway, I was point, your brother Arthur behind me and John Contreras behind him. When we got to the top of the mountain, We happened to spot what looked like a recon enemy group down below buddkes right up the trail on the other side of the mountain.

We immediately set up L shape around the trail in an ambush position. The three of us were on Texarkana fuck buddies small end of the Buddiex at the far side of the mountain top. I Ladies seeking sex tonight Taylors SouthCarolina 29687 thinking, this can't be, two days in country, It's like the movies, too easy.

We waited frozen for what seemed like an eternity for the enemy to come up the trail, when all of a sudden all hell broke loose to the right of us. We, of coarse, hit the ground. I don't know how we were not Texxrkana by all that fire power, however, I remember hearing and seeing the fudk hitting the vegetation around us.

Anyway, not knowing how this could have happened, we had no choice Texarkana fuck buddies to hold our position. When all the shooting stopped and all the yelling and screaming started, we found out that the platoon that had the point dog, somehow, [not good communication between platoons, I guess], came up the trail behind us, close enough to our ambush position where the dog must have signaled in his own way that there Texarkana fuck buddies enemy hidden, and the platoon opened up on us by mistake.

Texarkana fuck buddies was always in great spirits even though he had already been wounded, I believe in the stomach, a few months before Jan 2, when I got there.

I have never told anyone any of my Vietnam experiences for many reasons including, not being understood. Not even my wife or son, maybe someday, however, you and your family made Texarkana fuck buddies ultimate sacrifice and I think you understand. You may want to ask Walter Allen if he remembers this incident. This might tell us when he got there.